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Why There Is No Place Like Home.

Monday, 27 March 2017

As much as I love going on holiday and travelling to new places. I am also a complete home bird. My home is my safe place and I love all my little comforts that I've created.

These are all the reasons I love coming home from holiday..

1. My bed. My glorious wonderful comfortable bed.

2. Don't get me started on my duvet. Those thin, papery duvets you get abroad just don't cut it for me. Nothing beats coming home and wrapping yourself up like a burrito in your duvet.

3. Your television. It sounds so pathetic but nothing beats finally getting hold of your precious tv remote and being able to switch on ITV or Netflix. Who knew the news in your area could be so riveting.

4. After spending the past week or two completely out of the loop, you can finally catch up on current events! Who's pregnant?! A Kardashian did what now?!

5. Being able to drink tap water from your own tap and not having to be worried about dying a slow & painful death.

6. Home cooked food! By home cooked I mean pizza. By pizza I mean a takeaway. But hey. Life's little pleasures.

7. Being reunited with your pets. Those mithering little fluffy bitches that couldn't give a shit whether you ever came home or not? Yeah. Those.

8. People. My people. Family and friends. You don't realise how awesome they are until you've been away without them.

9. Lying on the sofa for hours doing F all and not having to feel guilty about it. There's no culture to experience, no missed opportunities. Your home, you've seen it all before. It'll still be there when you've finished watching six hours of Pretty Little Liars.

10. Having full access to your wardrobe again. Your beloved jeans, jumpers and the comfiest pair of jogging bottoms ever created. HALLELUJAH!

Pregnancy Diary | Pregnancy Books & Apps.

Friday, 24 March 2017
One of the first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was order a pregnancy book. I know some people don't agree and say they are a waste of money but I've really enjoyed flicking through different books and reading about people's experiences through pregnancy and labour. I thought I would give you a run down of all the books I've read throughout my pregnancy so far and which apps I have used.

Truly Happy Baby//Holly Willoughby
This is the first pregnancy book I bought as I absolutely LOVE Holly and it does have some really useful tips and facts in. One thing that I really loved about this book was the detailed pictures showing the different breastfeeding and winding positions. As I am planning on breastfeeding I found this section really helpful. However, I got the feeling that this book was written as a way to please lots of people and not what Holly herself found helpful. Like she was afraid of being slightly controversial and rocking the boat. I also didn't particularly like that she recommends 'controlled crying' from 6 months old. I just can't imagine leaving my baby to cry themselves to sleep. Everyone is different though I suppose and may feel comfortable giving it a go.

My Baby & Me//Sam Faiers
I really enjoyed watching Sam's 'The Baby Diaries' so when I found out she was releasing a pregnancy & baby book, I instantly pre-ordered. I love that Sam is such a strong advocate for breast feeding, it's really helped me feel more confident and ready for what it will entail. I also love her opinions on co-sleeping, which I know isn't for everyone and that's fine, but it's nice for a celebrity mum to finally hold their hands up and say 'actually yes I do co-sleep'. If you are after an experts point of view, then this book definitely isn't for you. However I found that I could relate to this writing style much more than Holly's.

How To Grow A Baby & Push It Out//Clemmie Hooper
I absolutely love Clemmie's Instagram page (@mother_of_daughters) and was so excited when I found out she was releasing a pregnancy/labour/baby book. Clemmie is actually a midwife so she definitely know what she's talking about when it comes to birth in particular. Tips on how to prevent tearing during labour and what you REALLY need in your hospital bag. I loved Clemmie's humour and wit throughout the book. My favourite thing about this book was the different birth stories written by lots of different women. It just proved that everyone's labour is completely different and not to always believe the horror stories that people throw at you!

Happy Mum Happy Baby//Giovanna Fletcher
Giovanna is one of my all time favourite authors and I instantly buy any book she writes. She usually writes lovely fiction books but when she announced that she would be writing a book on her experience through pregnancy, labour and motherhood, I knew it would be amazing and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! One of the things I love about Gi is how honest, witty and open she is. She really tells you how it is and doesn't try to sugar coat anything.  That really reflected in Happy Mum Happy Baby. Some parts of this book were really heart breaking and so raw that I definitely cried a few times. This is different to all the other pregnancy books I've read as it's Gi's own personal stories and experiences. It's like having a hot chocolate and cake with a friend.

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker App
Before I got pregnant I used the Ovia Fertility Tracker and Ovulation Calculator as a way to track my periods and also when I was at my most fertile, so as soon as I found out we were expecting I upgraded to the pregnancy and baby tracker. I love this app so much! I check it every week to see how Baby C is growing and developing and also see what changes I can expect from my body. I always send little updates to Aaron, just as a way to keep him involved. You can compare the size of your baby to fruits & veg, animals, toys. It's really funny and interesting to see what your baby is being compared to each week!

Bounty Pregnancy- Pregnancy Birth & Baby App
The best thing about this app is definitely the step-by-step developmental 3D views and estimated foot size as baby grows. I love checking every week and seeing their little foot and wondering how accurate it actually is. It also updates daily with different articles about a variety of different topics, from healthy eating tips, different travel systems and special articles dedicated to the dads-to-be. You can also use the app to claim your free bounty packs, which has loads of amazing samples in and leaflets. I have collected all the new born nappies and wipes, ready for my hospital bag as they are such a useful travel size!

Sixteen Things I Wish I'd Known About Being An Adult.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

When we are little all you want it to grow up. Becoming an adult sounds like the best thing in the world. You get to spend all the money you want, watch as much television you like and stay in bed all day. If only we had known exactly what we were in for...

1. You've actually got to EARN the money you want to spend. Aint' life a bitch.

2. Putting the bins out is possibly the worse household job ever. Add all the shit you have to recycle on top of that and it's even worse. Black bin for this, cream bin for something else... the responsibility and pressure to get it exactly right is horrendous. You leave a lid on a pop bottle, you're really in for it!

3. Nobody is going to wash that pile of clothes for you. I literally have washing coming out of my ears and I don't know where the hell it all comes from. There's only two of us! God help me when the baby arrives and we have shite stained baby grows thrown into the mix.

4. You dream of the days you could go back to school hours. Finishing at 3p.m every day. Having the weekends to do as you please. All those holidays! I don't know what kids these days are bitching about. So damn ungrateful.

5. Ironing? What's that? It isn't an essential task. I think I've ironed about six things since I moved out almost four years ago. The creased look is totally in.

6. You'll hate the majority of the population. And that's okay.

7. Everyone and their dog wants to offer you a loan or a credit card. Do these people not know that I can't be trusted with money?! Just throw those letters straight in the bin. I mean recycling..god damn it!

8. That owning a oh so grown up Jamie Oliver cookbook may feel great, but the fact that you have to buy half of Waitrose to actually make the damn meals, is ridiculous.

9. You'll spend the majority of your day slagging off 'the youth of today'. Because when we were kids, we were saints.... NOT.

10. You think owning a pet is a wonderful idea and so grown up. When in actual fact, they can be a real bitch!

11. Television shows will go completely down the drain. If you think you'll be spending your Saturday nights watching Stars In Their Eyes and Blind Date, you are sadly mistaken.

12. That you'll actually miss the days when Heartbeat was a Sunday night ritual and you'd give your first born to snuggle up on the sofa and hear that god awful theme tune.

13. You'll actually have to show an interest in political debates and current affairs, now you are an adult, you should know things about this and looking at people blankly with a 'who the fuck?' expression on your face is not the right way to go.

14. Going to bed early used to be a bitch. Now you count down the hours until you can get into bed. You then spend the first five minutes working out how much sleep you'll get before your alarm goes off. Anything less than 7 hours sleep and I literally go into meltdown mode. I WON'T FUNCTION.

15. Everyday you'll pray that the postman will post a letter through your door that contains a cheque from a really wealthy relative who has taken pity on you. Instead it's bills and an explanation as to where your council tax is being spent. Which wasn't a fun letter to read I assure you.

16. You'll realise that laying in bed all day is actually a waste of a day. Why lounge around in bed when you could be cleaning the house or sorting through paperwork...said no adult. Ever.

My Top Six Netflix Recommendations.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

I'm not gonna lie. I spend the majority of my free time binge-watching tv programs online. Especially since being pregnant. I spent the majority of my first trimester in bed or lay on the sofa watching repeats or browsing for something new to watch. Now i'm in my third and final trimester (can I get a hell yess!?!) i'm back to doing the exact same. I spend all night tossing & turning, and all day lay on the sofa with my pregnancy cushion a.k.a the greatest invention. 

I love the way you can completely lose yourself and switch off from everyday life, when watching TV. If i'm having a particularly *can't be arsed doing anything, pregnancy sucks* kind of day, TV is exactly what I need. 

I thought i'd put together a list of my all time favourite TV series or documentaries that are currently on Netflix.

1.Pretty Little Liars
I couldn't list my favourite tv series and NOT mention PLL! This show has been a huge part of my life for the past...five years and unfortunately it all comes to an end this year (sobs uncontrollably) with it's last 10 episodes! If you don't already know, Pretty Little Liars follows the lives of a missing/dead girl and her four high school friends, who are harassed and stalked by the anonymous 'A'. It follows all their dramas/relationships/fights/deaths. It's effin brilliant.

2. Amanda Knox
I am a huge lover of anything 'real life crime'. Whether that's in book form, a film or in this case a documentary. This one off documentary focuses on the 2007 case in which Meredith Kercher was killed whilst studying in Italy and what makes this documentary so intriguing to me, is the huge part that Amanda Knox plays. Giving first time interviews and insights into her version of events. It had me completely hooked. 

3. Shadowhunters
I am a HUGE fan of Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments' series and when I found out it was becoming a TV series (exclusive to Netflix) I honestly couldn't wait. It's basically a tv series about demon hunters. It can be slightly cheesy and the dialogue is sometimes a little cringe, but it's perfect for when you just want to pig out in front of the telly, and not really have to concentrate 100% on what you are watching. Also..Magnus & Alec are life.

4. The People V O.J Simpson: American Crime Story
Another true life documentary that I really enjoyed! This series revolves around the infamous O.J Simpson murder case. I was only three when the actual crime took place so I don't remember any of it and have only heard bits of information throughout the years, so I was completely gripped by this series. You get really sucked in and even though you know how the trial ends, you still can't help but watch the verdict, holding your breath.

5. Gossip Girl
I've watched Gossip Girl for years and still miss it! I must have re-watched it via Netflix at least 4 times. Mainly to drool over Chuck Bass. I also like to channel my inner Blair Waldorf every now and then. This is the perfect series to completely lose your self in. A bunch of insanely rich, upper-east siders whose lives and secrets are constantly splashed over a website 'Gossip Girl' for everyone to see. What more could you want?

6. Me Before You
I fell head over heels in love with this book when I first read it about 4 years ago and when I heard it was being made into a film, I was a little sceptical. I had really high hopes, but low expectations. I was left really pleasantly surprised. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin were the perfect Lou & Will. There chemistry on screen completely mirrored the chemistry that was in the book. I know the film is never as good as the book, and where there were parts missing that I really wished they had managed to put in, I still really enjoyed the film! It is about a quadriplegic, Will, who was injured after a motorbike accident and is in need of a carer. Lou takes on the job after losing her and although she has no previous experience, Will's mother loves her positive energy and really thinks she will help Will. I don't want to spoil too much as it is better going in, now knowing much. I will tell you one thing though. You are gonna' cry. A lot.

Pregnancy Diary: How To Get A Better Nights Sleep During Pregnancy.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Since the end of my second trimester, insomnia is well and truly kicking in. I thought I was tired during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, but there is nothing more infuriating than waking up every two hours, every single night. It's not even like I wake up and can instantly go back to sleep, when I wake up, I am literally wide awake for a good half hour to an hour. Which isn't ideal when you have to be up for work at 4 a.m. However over the past couple of weeks I have finally nailed a sleep routine that works for me and I only wake up once to go to the bathroom (woohoo me!) Here are some of my top tips that have really helped me.

1. Stay Hydrated
 I know this may seem a little, *what the fackkk* when staying hydrated is the reason you pee twenty times a day and there is honestly nothing worse than waking up numerous times through the night to make a mad dash to the loo. However, it is so important to stay hydrated, especially during pregnancy. I always take a drink to bed with me, (it doesn't HAVE to be water, Vimto is my beverage of choice..) drink half before I go to sleep, go to the bathroom and then save the other half for during the night. I don't know about anyone else but I always wake up in the middle of the night with dry mouth.

2. A Pregnancy Pillow
 Now you don't have to fork out a fortune for one of these, they all do the same thing! I actually picked up my pillow from Sainsbury's baby event for a tenner, it's one of those V shaped ones and boy oh boy has it been a godsend! I place one end between my legs (this helps to take pressure of your hips) and use the other end under my head as an extra head pillow. The middle part perfectly supports my growing belly. In your third trimester it isn't recommended that you sleep on your back, so the pregnancy pillows help you stay on your side. I also use mine on the sofa to support my back as I have been getting horrific back ache, especially in the evenings after I have finished work.

3. Keep Bedroom Cool & Tidy
 Tidy Space, Tidy that the saying? I have always slept much better when our bedroom is tidy, I just feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Having a tidy space helps you feel less stressed and less distracted, which is going to help you fall to sleep much easier. As for keeping your bedroom cool, you body heat increases during pregnancy so if your room is too stuffy, it's going to wake you up during the night. I can't tell you the amount of times I have woken up to kick the covers off and strip down out of my pyjamas. Don't set the temperature too low, so you wake up freezing your bollocks off, but just setting it a few degrees lower will make all the difference.

4. Avoid Eating Late At Night
 Especially if you suffer from heartburn or reflux as eating snacks or meals late on can trigger these. I am lucky enough that I haven't YET suffered from either of these but I know from other people how horrible it can be. In particular, avoid acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, greasy or fried foods, spicy foods and drinks such as coffee or pop.

5. Shut Down Technology
 This goes for anyone who wants a good night sleep. I am so guilty of diving into bed and instantly picking up my phone to peruse Instagram or Twitter, but this actually stimulates your brain and wakes you up. Instead turn your lights down low, and pick up a book or take a few minutes to just sit and practice some relaxation.

What are your top tips for a good nights sleep? Did you suffer from the dreaded 'Third Trimester Insomnia'?

Seven Ways To Spring Clean Your Life.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Over the past few days, Spring has definitely sprung. Winter is a thing of the past. The days are staying lighter for longer, the need for thick winter coats & scarves is pretty much over and the Easter eggs are out in force. If that isn't a sign of spring, I don't know what is.

Everyone knows the term 'spring clean'. It's usually just a word we apply to getting our houses in working order, finishing any odd jobs and embracing our inner Kim & Aggie, although after watching CBB..more Aggie than Kim..This year however, I have decided to apply the term to all of my life. I don't whether it's because I am going to be becoming a Mum this year but I feel I have a responsibility to really get my shit in order, along with re-evaluating and organising my life. Here are the ways I intend to do that..

1. Straighten Out Your Finances
Money can be a huge worry for some people and really take a toll on them mentally and emotionally. Whilst it may be scary to really sit and assess your financial situation, it will really help give you peace of mind. Pushing the problem away and staying oblivious will only make it worse and increase your stress. Try setting yourself a budget every month, after bills and all your essentials, budget what you spend on luxuries. By luxuries I don't mean a designer pair of shoes (a gal can dream..). Your morning Starbucks or shop-bought lunches can really add up over time and they aren't essentials.

2. Clean Up Your Relationships
I am really guilty of clinging on to relationships just for the fact that I don't want to admit defeat. Over the past year I have let lots of friendships go as I realised they weren't making me happy anymore. They were dragging me down and turning me into someone I didn't want to be. Someone I wasn't proud to be. If you think it's just a rough patch then hell yes try sorting it out but sometimes there isn't a resolution and you're just trying to hold on to something for the sake of it. I've come to the realisation that it is definitely quality over quantity. Focus on the people that make you feel good and bring out the best in you.

3. Declutter Your Mind
It's time to let go of any negative feelings you might be holding onto. Jealousy, anger and hatred can have such a impact on your mental health and harbouring onto this feelings for an extended period of time isn't good for anyone. These feelings aren't adding anything positive to your life. Instead of sitting and dwelling on the negative feelings, find an outlet for them. Whether that be going to the gym, cooking or watching your favourite tv program..focus your energy on things that make you happy.

4. Cherish The Quiet
With so much social media around these days and with how technology is, it's hard to just be quiet. I myself am guilty of always needing to be doing something online. Whether that's perusing Instagram or finding a new TV show to binge-watch. One of my favourite times of day is when I get into bed, turn my phone onto 'Do Not Disturb' and pick up my current read. It's so rare to have a quiet moment these days. So enjoy it. 

5. Productivity
With so many things going on personally at the minute; having a baby, trying to get the house in order..I have been starting to feel really overwhelmed. Like I don't know where to start. Lists have become my new best friend. Whether there are twenty things on the list or only three, having the tasks written down in front of me make it so much easier to manage. Prioritise your list and cross off all the tasks you complete. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a big scribble through a task that has been bothering you for weeks.

6. Get Rid Of Clutter
I have spent the fast two days getting the house organised and throwing out anything and everything that I have no need for. I went through all the food cupboards, throwing things away that are past there sell by dates or haven't been used in a few months. My cupboards are now in much better order..
I also went through my wardrobe, mainly for the fact that I have been on a 'breastfeeding friendly' shopping trip and needed to have somewhere to put away the new things i'd bought. I got rid of things I haven't worn in months, but kept hold of 'just incase' and also clothes that I know won't fit me for a while. I suppose that's also an excuse for going on a shopping trip after the baby is born..

7. Organise
I am possibly one of the most unorganised people you will meet. I envy the people who have their shit together when it comes to organising their households, spending time with their family & friends and working full-time. I could never find a balance between them all. I am holiday from work this week so i've spent the past two days giving the house a really good clean from top to bottom, getting on top of all the clothes washing and finishing off all the odd jobs we needed doing (finally putting our new curtains up in the bedroom, putting up picture frames and shelves..all that fun stuff). I already feel so much more relaxed and feel like once you get on top of it all, it's easier to manage and won't take you as long. So you have more time to spend with your loved ones. 

I'd love to know how you organise your life and whether you plan to take advantage of a really good spring clean?!

A Letter To My Unborn Baby.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Dear Baby C,

There are so many things I want to say to you. So many things I want you to know.

Lets start at the beginning...

When I was little I always played with dolls and prams, yet actually having my own children is something I never wanted. I also never wanted to get married. I was a seven year old with a commitment phobia. Until I met you Daddy.

We met when I was sixteen (in 2008, can you believe it!?) and although we didn't have the easiest of relationships in the beginning, mainly due to Mummy getting FOMO, my whole future plan changed. I wanted the house, the husband and the babies. I wanted to feel safe, settled and loved. Your Daddy is so good at making me feel all of those things & more. So after seven years together, we decided that we were ready to add a new addition to our crazy, slightly dysfunctional family. Little did I know how quickly you'd be joining us...

Only two months of 'trying' and I saw those two little glorious lines. I say little, however they are the biggest two lines you will ever see in your whole life. It's true when people say that your whole life changes as soon as you find out your pregnant. I felt this overwhelming rush of love and protectiveness, all with a side of slightly shitting my pants. Don't judge me baby but my god, I was scared. Scared for you. Willing and wishing that my body would protect you to the best of its ability, hoping that everything would be okay. I loved you so much already.

I did the test alone and the first person I told was your Auntie Natalie and she was so excited! Almost as excited as me. I then had to wait the longest two hours of my life to tell your Daddy. He was still at work and those two hours have never gone by so slowly. His reaction was a mixture of happiness and absolute disbelief. I remember he asked me about ten times if I was joking. We then went out and did about seven other pregnancy tests just to be sure. I can't tell you the dread I felt every time I took another one in case they came up negative.

Our first scan, the first time we would be seeing you, was honestly the most nervous I have ever felt. I was only about seven weeks and I remember being lay on the bench, praying that you would be there. That I would see your little heart beat. And when we did, I can't describe the relief and happiness we felt. I finally felt like I could breath again.

The scans just got better and better every time we went. Seeing how much you had grown from 7 weeks to 12 and then again at 20 was incredible. You had gone from this tiny little bean to a proper baby, with a gorgeous little nose and tiny feet. We decided to keep your gender a surprise. We didn't care whether you were a boy or a girl, as long as you were healthy and happy. That's all we ever want for you.

We are currently 8 weeks away from meeting you, if you come on time, which I highly doubt and I can't tell you how excited we are. I've never been this excited for anything in my whole life. Feeling you move, kick and roll in my tummy is honestly my favourite thing in the whole world. It's like we have our own private little conversations, that are meant for only you & me. Occasionally your Daddy, when you let him anyway. I love how you're showing him who is boss already.

I just want you to know Baby C, I promise to love you unconditionally and always let you know it. I promise to support you and hold your hand in difficult situations. I promise to celebrate every reason that makes you different. Be different Baby C. Let your weirdness shine. You are so loved Baby C. A love so powerful it will fill you up. Now & Always. I'll always protect you.

I hope you like me...

Love You Already,

Mummy xx